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Ashra-e-Majalis Moharram 2008




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Imam Ali (A.S) Said.... Allah initiated creation most initially and commenced originally, without undergoing reflection, without making use of any experiment, without innovating any movement, and without experiencing any aspiration of mind. He allotted all things their times, put together their variations gave them their properties, and determined their features knowing them before creating them, realising fully their limits and confines and appreciating their propensities and intricacies. (Nahjul Balaghah: Sermon 1)




Live From Imam hussain shrine, Karbala, Iraq


Live From Shrine Of Abul-fazl il-Abbas (a.s.)





Islam- A ray of hope for weaker sections
Lecture Series By Dr. S. Kalbe sadiq on 16th, 17th and 18th Nov 2007

First Lecture (16th nov 2007) 

Second Lecture (17th nov 2007)   

Third Lecture (18th nov 2007)     





Islam is a widely-misundertood religion. Those who are unfamiliar with the faith often have misunderstandings abou teachings and practices.
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Shia-Sunni Unity...
Muslims have no sects. In Islam, there are two major schools of thought, the Shia and the Sunni. Both have many things in common. They follow the same book Quran. They follow the same prophet Muhammad (P). Both offer their prayers five time a day. Both fast in the month of Ramadan.

Sunni misconceptions about Shias- views of a sunni scholar moulana ishaq khan    Download lecture

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The Thoughts & words of Imam Khomaini on Muslim Unity


One Ummah

Rehber's Call For Muslim Unity












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